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Cleaning is done daily between 9 h to 5h. If you have any preference for a specific cleaning time, please contact the Guest Service Deparment who will please you as much as possible. In our desire to create the least ecological impact and support the global effort to preserve the environment, we ask for your collaboration to use the towels more than once, otherwise place them in the bathtub to be changed. 

In order to complying with our 360 Environmental Program, we have an ecological air conditioning system which works as follows: - It is activated as soon there is internal movement and the temperature will be approximately 24 ◦C. We appreciate please to  keep the main door and the terrace door fully closed for proper operation. 

The facilities voltage is is 110 volts and 60hz. In case you want an adapter for European plugs, it is possible to buy them in the store ($$$) of the complex. 

In the room we have at your disposal beverages in the Minibar, replacement is daily. Include water, soft drink and national beer. In case of any additional request; an extra cost will be charge to your account.

There is a coffee maker in your room. We recommend you always use bottled water to prepare coffee or infusions. The replacement is daily.  ·This service is included but extra requests will have an additional cost.

In your room, in the upper part of the closet you will find an iron with its corresponding table so that you can have this service at any time. 

Your room has a TV control next to the TV. You can enjoy a variety of TV channels be in different languages with news, movies, music, children, documenta, sports and entertainment. In consideration of the next client, we ask that you please leave the control of the TV in the room on the day of your departure. 

If you wish to be awakened at a specific time, you can request this service from our Operator by dialing "information". 


For your tranquility and convenience, you will find a safety deposit box in the rooms, in-room, this service is included. 

→ HOW TO USE: Enter your personal 4-digit code plus the number sign #, that is how you will will be registering your personal password to close the safe. To open it, you should type the same the 4 digits. Although it is a safe place, we recommend you keep all your valuables in it as the Caribe Deluxe Princess & Tropical Deluxe Princess hotels cannot be held responsible for the loss of your objects. 


Please fill out the laundry form that is in the closet and deposit the clothes you want us to treat in the laundry bag and indicate on the outside the type of process you want us perform, your name and room number.

 Please dial "information" between 9 h. to 4 h. to have the laundry pick up. Your clothes will be returned in 24 hours or the same day if you want the express service (Extra cost). * 

* This service is not included and will be charged to your room bill. 

All objects found in our common areas will be delivered to the Guest Service Department located in the lobby. Please contact them directly for any report and information in this regard. The hotel is not responsible for items lost by customers in common areas of the complex.

 In respect for the rest of the other guests, we ask you to keep quiet around the room areas 24h 

Our Guest Service Staff will be happy to assist you in anything you require. They are available to you at the Customer Service Desk at the main lobby, every day from 8h. to 23h. By calling or approaching our Customer Service Staff, you can request additional services during your stay, as well as information about the hotels.