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All rooms are designated as non-smoking rooms; therefore, all smoking materials are not permitted.


Cleaning is performed daily between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. If you have a preference for a specific cleaning time, please contact the Customer Service Department, who will do their best to accommodate your request. If you wish to not be disturbed during normal cleaning hours, please indicate this by hanging the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside of your door.


In our desire to create the least amount of ecological impact and to support the global effort to preserve the environment. We ask for your collaboration and that you use the towels more than once if possible, otherwise you may place them in the shower tray to have them exchanged. We kindly ask you do not use the room/bath towels for the pool or beach. 


We have an ecological air conditioning system which works as follows: It is activated as soon as it detects internal movement and the temperature will be approximately 24◦C. Please keep the main door and the terrace door fully closed for proper operation, as the air conditioner will not work if these are open.


The facilities voltage is 110 volts and 60 Hz. In case you need an adapter for European plugs, it is possible to buy it in the complex store ($).


In the room we have at your disposal a minibar with daily replacement. This includes bottled water, soft drinks and national beer. 


We have supplied all rooms with a coffee maker for your personal use. We recommend you always use bottled water to prepare coffee or herbal teas. The replacement is daily. *This service is included but extra requests will have an additional cost ($). 


In your room, in the upper part of the closet, you will find an iron with its corresponding ironing board for your personal use. 


You will find an umbrella in your closet for your personal use while at the hotel.


You will find a hair dryer underneath the sink for your personal use while at the hotel.


If you wish to use our laundry or ironing service you just have to put them in the laundry bag found hanging in the closet and leave them on the bed. Be sure to sign and fill out the laundry form. Please note the price list attached to the laundry bag. *This service is not included. We also kindly ask that you do not hang clothes or towels on the balcony railings, as this is prohibited according to decorum rules. 


Your room has a TV remote control next to the TV. You can enjoy varied programming in different languages ​​with news channels, movies, music, children, documentaries, sports and entertainment. In consideration of the next guest, we ask you to please leave the TV remote control in the room on your departure day.


If you need a wake-up call for a specific time, you can request this service from our Telephone Center by dialing “EXT Information: 0”.


For your peace of mind and convenience, the rooms have a safety deposit box that is located in the room, you create your own code, and this service is free. 

⇒ How to Use: Press “0” 4 times (0000) to open the safe. Enter your personal 4-digit code plus the number (#) sign, this will register your personal password to close the safe. To open the safe, press the same 4 digits you selected for your personal password and the safe will open. We recommend you keep all your valuables in the safe as the Caribe Deluxe Princess & Tropical Deluxe Princess Hotels cannot be held responsible in the event of loss of your objects. 


The water in the hotel rooms is not recommended for consumption. The hotel offers drinking water in bars and restaurants, as well as bottled water for consumption in the minibar.


Out of respect for all our guests, we thank you for keeping the silence in areas near the rooms, hallways and corridors after 9:00 pm.


If you detect any fault or defect, either in your room or in the hotel in general, we would appreciate it if you would notify the reception right away so that it can be corrected as soon as possible; or with Customer Service ext. 0/4006/4007.


All our rooms and common areas are equipped with smoke detectors. In case of a fire, the alarms will be activated. Please check the information behind the entrance door to locate the nearest emergency exit. If necessary, consult “Information Ext. 0”.